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July 08, 2008


Jason Hammond

Shea and I were recently on our way home after a trip to the west coast including hitting a few wineries in the Okanagan. We stopped to visit friends in Maple Creek and I remembered this winery which I thought a visit to would make a nice closure to our trip.

Happily, it was re-opening that very day (July 1) after the recent flooding in the area. Shea and I didn't stay for a meal but took home a whole box of wine for friends and family! A great Saskatchewan success story (and I wish I'd seen your review of the Star Cafe as we would've eaten there instead of getting fast food in Swift Current!)

Jerome Martin

Thanks, Jason. Maple Creek is home country for me (born there, lived on a farm north of there and in the village of Golden Prairie).
The winery and the Star Café & Grill are fine places and I hope to get back there this summer.
Thanks for stopping by.

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