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Brian Wallace

This is the coolest way to celebrate 50 fantastic years. Having only known you both for a few of those years, I can't wait to see the whole story!

If I can be so bold as to table a request...some close-ups of you both from the early days would be lovely. I'm becoming more and more nostalgic as time goes looking back on the past, especially when I've got a hook to hang it on.

Thanks for sharing!

Warm regards,
12203 (Brian)

Jerome Martin

Thanks, Brian!
This Sunday we'll be posting a 1970 view of our back yard, including Paul and his Uncle Tony.
We'll also be posting some close-ups soon.
All the best,
Jerome and Merle

Brenda Tyson

Hello Jerome and Merle, what a wonderful journey. I cannot imagine how you have whittled down the photos for your blog. I have far too many photos to try to do this.
I look forward to each and every year you display. It's so special!

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